Made from polyacetal (POM) spacers

Plastic. This time the pads / spacers made from polyacetal (POM). A brief video in the form of a report from the work.

Properties of the material used:

  • high mechanical strength, rigidity and hardness
  • excellent resilience
  • High resistance to creep
  • high impact strength (also at low temperatures)
  • excellent dimensional stability
  • good sliding properties
  • very good machinability
  • Physiologically (products from ER-TACETAL can contact with food)


  • gears with a small module
  • cam
  • heavily loaded bearings and rollers
  • bearings and gears of high accuracy of
  • valve seats
  • elements snap
  • All types of dimensionally stable and precision components of mechanical structures
  • electrical components used in electrical engineering
  • elements operating continuously in water temperature. 60 -80 C (ERTACETAL)