We specialize in manufacturing the highest quality precision mechanical components for all industries. Therefore, no task is too complex, and no path too difficult.

We have extensive experience in the production of machine parts. We have a versatile fleet of numerically controlled machines. We offer the ability to perform various kinds and types of parts according to client guidelines. We machine with high accuracy from virtually any material. Machining is done on CNC lathes and CNC milling machines. Implementation is carried out according to the design and documentation provided by the client or by the documentation created based on customer needs and our experience.


Machined materials

Cast iron
Plastics - machinable

Overall processing possibilities

CNC Milling

Milling – in the range of 760 x 400 x 500 mm, also the 4’th axis

CNC Turning

Max turning diameter: 250mm



Creating projects by the concept presented by the client, or proposed by us solutions, to the presented issues.

Technical consulting

In terms of design machine parts and equipment. Technology, construction and manufacturing execution.

Creating documentation

Technical documentation for executed projects.


Important: The minimum run cost is 300 Euro. Average completion date is 14 to 21 days.