Optical instrument housing

A few photos from the production of optical instruments housing, manufactured by our company.materials used: Aluminium 2017 (PA6) / aluminum sheet EN AW 5754-H111 / Polyoxymethylene (Acetal) – POM / Polyethylen -PE hdcoating used: Cerakote (3 colors)Complete body.


Materia used: Steel 40HM  (1.7225, 42CrMo4)

Swivel od projektu do realizacji

Swivel – Custom made product

Presented item has been developed as a concept of modernization of the existing optical element in the body of the laser. After accepting our concept by the customer, it has been designed and manufactured using 4 axis CNC machining. To assure the best properties of the surface, elements were coated with AFC.Material used: Aluminium ALU6061 […]

Hole covers for cable hatch

Made by our company, the design of security holes in the covers of the cable channels lab. The unique design enables installation on uneven holes halves holes or openings different location. Thanks to its functionality and durability are an indispensable element of safety laboratory environment. Material: steel S235, Coating: powder coating.