Verchromung und Schleifen

Coating: hard chrome plating The efect of chrome plated, grinded and polished to a tolerated dimension.

Modernisierung von CCTV-Kameragehäusen

The modernization of front covers CCTV cameras, in order to adapt them to a new type of lens. From concept through design to execution. Material: Polyacetal (POM)

Universelle Montageplatte

New solution for those that need a universal and comprehensive fitting details on the milling table. The disc enables centric mounting of any kind of rotating using already owned fasteners. The album contains eight T-slot, and five holes of which 1 is a base under the rear pin or centering dowel. Under the plate are […]

Polyacetal-Unterlage (POM)

Plastic. This time the pads / spacers made from polyacetal (POM). A brief video in the form of a report from the work.